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1. 5.8G 48 Channel;

2. Support touch switch select channel Frequency group;

3. Support NTSC/PAL switch, Support vertical inverted image switch;

4. 8 LEDS display channel and 6 LEDS display frequency group information

  1LED display PAL/NTSC and FLIP information

5. Wide lens angle;

6. With Brass antenna;

7. Miniature and light weight design ;



Frequency band: 5362~5945MHz

Channel number: 48

Channel SEL: Touch Switch

Channel Indicate: CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 8LEDS and A~F frequency group Indicate with 6LEDS

Transmit power: 13±1dBm

Antenna Port: 50 Ω

Camera Input format: NTSC/PAL

SENSOR: PAL:720X540/NTSC:640X480   1/4”

LENS ANGEL: H:120°/V:100°

Base-band interface: P1.27*2

Power consumption: 200~215MA@5V DCIN

Supply Voltage: 2.9-5.5v

Operating Temperature: -10℃~+60℃

Profile dimension: 14.5mm*12.2mm+14.5mm*12mm

Packing: bulk packing

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